About Us

it is unique and the first in Siberia, and possibly in the whole of Russia, Community of socks. For decades, people in our country lived in the grip of greyness - black, gray, dull beige socks possessed the minds of people. But the forces of good have decided to give a decisive rebuff - lively, colorful, cheerful, kind, beautiful and smart socks teamed ZeSox! And now they are ready to give you a good mood, sunny weather, comfort, and help to do good!
Как создавались носки Zesox
ZeSox - project is very young and ambitious. Produce bright colored socks, we decided in 2013. Our team is very well suited to the design of socks - we think over every detail. But our socks are unique not only beautiful, unusual, striking design, but also by the fact that each of them has its own character and history. Socks live their lives - develop, actively communicate with each other, go to shows, theaters, eat at the food courts and rest in the cocktail bar.
Как создавались носки Zesox.
See socks ZeSox you can throughout Siberia. Novosibirsk - a small ZeSox homeland, but we are very friendly and so our socks can come to Moscow and London and New York, and Mexico. Bring joy to your feet, make your friends smile and dilute gray days of colorful, amazing, memorable socks ZeSox!